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Mariam Kaukab

An artist's talent is an undefinable quality, which is almost rare, therefore priceless. Although art is my passion, I never considered it my profession, but my hobby, as I always showed a particular interest in it from the very first years of my academic education. As a retired person and an experienced artist, I now found an excellent way of displaying more and more of my artwork. I hope you appreciate it so that I am motivated to produce even more.

I was born in India, in Gujarat district, which is famous for its beautiful landscapes. It's a district well-known for its agriculture which gives it a colourful and attractive scenery. I was brought up in Navsari, which is miles from Mumbai and has a seaside known as Dandi, a place where Gandhi has symbolised Satyagraha for his salt march. Near Navsari, there is seaside point Ubhrat, a beautiful place for sightseeing; all these places have an intrinsically influenced my artistic mind which I discovered in my school days which culminated with the best marks in the subject of art in my student life.

I got married and was amazed to remark my husband's interest in arts and I remember how we both used to visit the displays of "Rangoli" (Indian folk art) which takes place during "Diwali" festivals and the competition brings about the best artists managing bright colourful powders which are decorative designs on the floor with astonishing reality paintings.

I moved to Portugal with my husband and my children and during our stay in Lisbon for years, I had a chance to show my paintings to a family and friends circle which I had done just as a hobby. Their remarks encouraged me to indulge in the art on fabrics with oriental motifs.

Landscapes in Portugal especially Lisbon which is a place where any artist can have a huge inspiration. Because this city is well-known as "A cidade das sete colinas", the city of seven hills. It wasn't difficult to find countryside landscapes and seaside and all sort of beautiful 'paisage' which opened a new door in my artistic vein, so that I could finally reproduce them in a very detailed manner, i.e. the waves with its salty white outburst hitting the firm rocks, the waves rolling over the clean sand, and the sunset and the moonlight and the rocks and the boat and the sunny summer where the seagulls complete and give life to that scenery which is still flowing in my mind after I left Lisbon and settled in Britain. 

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