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Fizzah Akhtar Nehal - Contemporary Abstract Artist

I am Fizzah Akhtar Nehal, a self-taught Contemporary Abstract Artist. Born in Pakistan with a diversified cultural background, I have been creative all through my life. Art has come to me naturally. My motto “Art is my passion”.

I was hired as an assistant artist at “Kalagram Groomin Talents” in 2012, under the supervision of Sir Shaji Subramannian (A great Indian Cultural Artist). He groomed my free hand drawing, shading and sketching skills and I got a Certification of Artist from him.

I am a registered member of “Arte” The Makers Market, one of the largest free style display Galleries, which takes place every weekend in Dubai and Ras Al Khaima.

I am a rare commodity in that my works in Art involve creativity and displays of emotions with the use of Acrylic Mediums, heavy body acrylic paints, fluid paints and mixed media techniques thus creating unique, beautiful and sensual textures by different tools and gold leafing. I choose multiple complimenting colour pallets with a pre-determined image in my mind.

The finished product is indeed a work of art being sold and appreciated by the highest bidder.

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