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Abstract Art

Art styles have evolved over centuries and today abstract art has created a huge space in the modern creative world. 


Modern Art made its way between late 19th and late 20th century. It evolved over time thanks to renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and many more. It showcased the realistic side of the world. Various artists started experimenting with non-traditional materials and new techniques to make their art more realistic. Photography was one such innovation introduced in the 1830s, which depicted the world in a new and interesting way. It is new age Modern art form. 


The most impressive work form of modern artist is Abstract expressionism, which emerged post–World War II in American paintings, where artists took a break from the traditional style of painting. The understanding of abstract art largely depends upon the perception and experiences of the person who is viewing it.


Arshile Gorky once said, "Abstraction allows a man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes." Abstract art refers to the art of earlier cultures, usually done using signs & marks on paper, textile, walls and many more textures. Abstract art does not depict a correct version of reality but it uses different means such as colors and forms to showcase the effect in the art. It is a work of good imagination. There are different types of abstract art available made from different materials - Acrylic, Charcoal, oil, pastel, sand, digital and many more.


Calligraphy is another style of abstract art that involves visuals related to scripts or symbols with a story or message. Calligraphy usually depicts the feeling of harmony, integrity, love, life or some form of our heritage. 

You can view and buy a wide range of abstract art by talented artists like A Hussain, a renowned abstract calligraphy artist, Sevan Kouchgarian, Anjini Laitu, Fizzah and Sharon Mendez on online art gallery e-commerce portal at attractive prices.

Online art galleries have revolutionized modern art world. It is a combination of art and technology. Various emerging and renowned artists from across the globe can now showcase their artwork to you from the comfort of your home. They are effectively using blogs, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote and sell art online. This has resulted in significant increase in art patrons worldwide as these galleries serve as a convenient medium to connect the artist and the buyers. It has given a big boost and encouragement to the artists and art lovers alike.  

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